Lawsuit: Williams College Suspended Male Student For Not Dating Girl After He Kissed Her

It’s dangerous to be a man on a college campus these days because the women there are being pumped full of crazy feminist propaganda and you’ll be treated like a guilty-until-proven-innocent sub-human in the college’s Kangaroo courts. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous or laughable the charge the woke woman makes or whether it would stand up in a court of law, it must be true since she alleged it and you don’t have the same rights as women since you’re male.

What you are about to read comes directly from the lawsuit filed against Williams College, so keep in mind that there is another side of the story, although expecting them to tell the truth, would be like expecting a member of the KKK to give a black man a fair shake.

This case arises from Williams College’s unjust and wrongful suspension of Plaintiff, following its wrongful finding that the Plaintiff engaged in kissing and touching with another student without her affirmative consent.

The Plaintiff is a Hispanic male student with an excellent academic record and no disciplinary history. After he engaged in consensual sexual contact on two occasions with a fellow foreign student, she accused him of behaving in ways that were “culturally insensitive” to her conservative religious values by kissing her but then not pursuing a relationship with her. Months after the second occasion, she falsely alleged to the College that the Plaintiff had not gotten her affirmative consent to their activities on either occasion—although she had sent him a message after their first encounter to tell him that “the other night was amazing” and that she had been “feeling so different and liberated after it.”