Kill Your Oneitis Forever

Each year on my website Right Wing News, I used to release a highly anticipated article called “The 20 Hottest Conservative Women in the New Media.” It was a straight up beauty contest judged by a different group of judges and me each year.

I was the only one who got to look at the scores and it turned out to be FASCINATING. Why? Well, the range of scores is staggering. Some guys only like thin blondes. Others rate almost all the women as average or worse. Other guys give poor scores to busty women. Two years, the women I thought were MOST ATTRACTIVE didn’t make the list at all.

So, if men are all over the map like this, is it any surprise that the woman you’re drooling over has no interest in dating you? Maybe you look a little like her creepy cousin who used to fry ants with a magnifying glass. Maybe she likes you just fine as a friend, but you’re not her type.  Maybe she met you at a time when she wasn’t interested in any guy, pegged you as a friend and never moved you out of the category.

It doesn’t really matter. She’s. Just. Not. Into. You.