Kids Are Idiots & Letting Them Dictate Their Gender is Child Abuse: A Thread

I don’t remember this, but I’ve been told that when roughly four years old, I once pointed at a black guy at a yard sale and asked, “Is he covered in chocolate?” At around roughly 5, I had a fit at a birthday party for someone else because I didn’t understand why that kid was getting all those presents, but I wasn’t getting any. I wasn’t a bad kid, I was just ignorant, like ALL YOUNG CHILDREN. If you’re five years old and you say, “I’m a fire truck,” people laugh. If you’re a five year old boy and say, “I’m a girl,” there are now legions of liberal parents that will stick you in a dress, give you a female name and start looking at hormone and surgery options for you. Jack Murphy did a great thread on Twitter about how little sense this all makes.

If the parents of those children were sexually abusing them, it is entirely possible that they would be doing LESS DAMAGE to their kids. The disgraceful fact that we tolerate parents doing this to their children tells you how degenerate our culture is becoming.

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John Hawkins
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