Is It Possible For Men and Women to Truly Be Platonic Friends?

Short answer: Yes. Slightly longer answer. Yes, but…

Platonic male friends – is it possible as an adult?

Hi friends!

After the initial “we’re just friends” clarification I’ve found that a lot of my guy friends aren’t in my life anymore. I really value men as friends because I love feeling like a bro, like one of the guys. I’m bisexual so I can really identify with appreciating women’s beauty and sharing sexual experiences and being a “wingman.”

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I’d love to have more guy friends but have always had trouble finding genuine platonic friendships. I’m pretty blunt with my intentions.

What’s the recipe for finding and keeping a great platonic male friend?

Thanks for reading??

First of all, keep in mind that men tend to pursue friendships with the sort of women they want to sleep with. Even if they aren’t feeling that animal attraction, to begin with, if they genuinely enjoy being around a woman, it’s very easy to develop romantic feelings for her. Is that a problem if they just want to stay friends? Not necessarily. Men are regularly around women they’d like to sleep with, but can’t for one reason or another, so they can do it.

However, the real problem happens when either the man or woman gets into a serious relationship because it means big changes. Suddenly going out to dinner with them or spending an hour on the phone is something you need to explain. Other things, like staying over at their place or going on trips with them are out. Despite all that, your partner may still feel like they’re competition anyway and get jealous. Even if they don’t, their partner becomes their best friend by default and they won’t have much time for you anymore.

Is that a needle you can thread? In some cases, no, because if their partner is the jealous type it won’t work no matter what you do. In many other cases, you can, but it’s still going to mean a big change for the worse in the relationship.

Does that mean you shouldn’t even try? No, but it’s like everything else. You have to understand what you’re getting into and recognize the changes that are going to happen down the line.

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