Is He Wrong to Resent His Wife Over Her Disability?

This is a rough situation:

AITA for resenting my wife over her disability?

Me (30M) and my wife (32F) have been married for three years. A year after we got together, my wife got hurt at work. She suffered a spine injury and she is now unable to stand for very long. She never pursued workman’s comp and refuses to try and get disability. Anytime I bring it up, she tells me to stop talking about it and that she doesn’t want disability because she used to be able to work and getting SSD would just be a reminder that now she can’t.

After her disability, I had to start taking care of things around the house she couldn’t, which is understandable. Problem is, my job works me twelve hours a day, and since she no longer works, I’ve had to pick up overtime as often as I can.