Inmate Released Because of Coronavirus Charged with Murder

We have our first Willie Horton story created by liberals using the Coronavirus as an excuse to release criminals from jail:

After an inmate was released from jail in a coronavirus purge and was charged with murder, the Hillsborough County sheriff says his agency made a mistake.

On Thursday, Sheriff Chad Chronister said Joseph Williams was released because, at the time, he was eligible for bond, but didn’t have the money to post it. However, he has a lengthy arrest history, with a total of 35 charges.

Then, investigators said, a day after his release Williams killed someone. He was re-arrested this week.

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On March 19, Chronister announced the release of over 150 “low-level, non-violent” offenders in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was part of an effort to thin out the jail population to protect employees and avoid an outbreak.

The original criteria for release was for anyone charged with a misdemeanor or a low-level offense. Williams was sitting in county jail on a drug charge.

“We didn’t go back at the time and look at people’s criminal history,” Chronister said Thursday. “That has since changed. People that we are releasing moving forward, we are checking their criminal history prior to being released.”

They’re trying to play this off like it was a mistake, but as you can see, it actually wasn’t a mistake. The murderer in question was there on a low-level charge, he qualified to be released and they let him go.

Now someone is dead as a result of that. Wow, who could have ever predicted that releasing criminals into the world that are supposed to be in jail would lead to more crime? Oh yeah, EVERYONE. Well, not everyone. I’m sure there are plenty of people that blame “society” or “racism” or any other excuse that takes away people’s personal responsibility for this guy being a career criminal.

Yet, we’re talking about a guy who has 35 charges. That means he’s probably committed 350-700 crimes, if not more and those are the times he got caught. Even if that guy had only committed minor offenses, he belongs in a cell because expecting him not to commit crimes is like expecting a fish not to swim or bird not to fly. It’s what they do and it’s what he does.

Bonus question: How did we end up in a dystopian nightmare where guys like this are being released from jail while the police are arresting people for walking on public beaches or trying to keep their businesses open?

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