In Defense of Heterosexual Men Who Refuse to Date Transsexuals

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The first thought many guys probably had after reading the title of this article was, “Wait, what? Is that something that needs to be defended? Since when?”

…Since liberalism went even crazier in the Obama years than it was before. That’s since when, buddy. Increasingly, liberals question or worse yet, attack the idea that there’s something abnormal about dating a transsexual.

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After getting many Americans to lie by agreeing that transsexuals are actually the sex they pretend to be, liberals naturally rode down the slippery slope to bathrooms, birth certificates and criminal prosecution of someone using the “wrong” (correct, but politically incorrect) pronoun to describe a transsexual. As Sir Walter Scott said, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” Now that tangled web is starting to extend into dating, which is already a complicated subject for many Americans.

After all, if dating were really simple, there wouldn’t be enough of an incel (involuntarily celibate) movement or a MGTOW (Men going their own way) movement to draw anyone’s attention. Then, you toss in feminists, online dating, the #metoo movement, “yes means yes” insanity on college campuses, a high divorce rate, slanted divorce courts, a rapidly fragmenting, tribal culture and a sexual revolution that has only been around for the blink of an eye compared to the length of human history and dating can be a minefield for a lot of people.

Once you get outside of the norms of human behavior, it gets even tougher. For example, just being gay probably makes it difficult to connect and date in large parts of the United States. Rural parts of the country aren’t as friendly as, say, San Francisco and given the tiny percentage of the population that’s gay, there aren’t many people to choose from in those areas. In other words, good luck being a gay man and looking for Mr. Right in Tinytown, Alabama.

Now consider the dilemma that transsexuals must have. They’re trying to switch genders. Some of them have surgery and some don’t. Some are attracted to the opposite sex and some aren’t. Then there’s the reality that even though there are exceptions that look like attractive members of the opposite sex, most of them look more than a little off. That’s just typically what happens when you try to override nature with plastic surgery and hormones.

On top of that, as a culture, we lie to transsexuals. We tell them that, “Your gender is whatever you think it is and if you don’t like it, you can just change it and then you can experience being whatever sex you like.”

….Except it doesn’t really work that way, not only because there are real biological differences between men and women, but because the whole fantasy relies on everyone else in society lying to fulfill your delusion. People may be willing to do that to a certain degree because they’ve been intimidated by political correctness, but when it impacts their personal life, that’s different. This has led to transsexuals trying to cover up the lie that they’ve changed genders with the lie that they were never the other gender to begin with. When I was researching this article, I ran across more than a few articles on this subject and found it notable that many transgender people knew that lying about this could destroy a relationship or worse yet, even potentially lead to extremely violent actions, yet they STILL thought it was okay. Here’s one very typical example of many articles of this sort,

One of those questions that keeps coming up in my life is “Should I tell people I’m transgender before dating them?”  I’m not sure why it’s such a regularly asked question, because the answer is amazingly simple.
That’s it; that’s your answer. It depends. It depends on a number of factors. How out you are, how passable you are, how you feel about gender, the person you plan on dating, whether you’ve had surgery, and probably a dozen other variables. There’s no perfect or correct answer to this question other than “Depends.”
…Last week The Breakfast Club, a hugely popular syndicated radio program, had comedian Lil Duval on, and after being asked about the topical issue of Donald Trump’s transgender military ban, he was asked about dating or having sex with a transgender woman, to which his immediate reply was that he would probably kill them. The hosts tried to push back a little and even used the cover of Janet Mock’s recent book that has her on the cover to argue’ essentially, “Would you sleep with her?” To which Lil Duval said he wouldn’t and doubled down. There was some small pushback from the hosts, but not enough to point out how awful those comments were. Lil Duval walked it back a little but still implied he would harm any trans woman who “tricked” him into sleeping with her.”

The further off the beaten path of humanity that you go, the more difficult relationships are going to be for you. Being transgender is about as far off the path as it gets. It’s a mental disorder that makes you believe that you’re another gender and instead of treating it as we should, as we do with every other disorder, we encourage the mental illness. If you point out that it’s a mental disorder, you’re accused of hating people who are transgender, which is ridiculous. Saying that someone who is transgender should see a psychologist is just like saying the same thing about someone with depression, schizophrenia or intense anxiety. Like physical ailments, mental ailments can just be part of life. If you have strep throat, I would hope that you wouldn’t be ashamed to go to the doctor. The same goes for mental illnesses, and by encouraging a psychological disorder that can lead to lifelong social ostracization and permanent physical disfigurement in order to achieve something that is impossible (switching genders), we are doing great harm.

A normal heterosexual man, being a normal heterosexual man, doesn’t want to date another guy. But, what if the guy dresses up like a woman? Still, no. What if the man in question REALLY feels like a woman? NO! But, what if the guy has surgery so that he looks more like a woman. Sorry, but that’s still a hard pass because there is no amount of hormones, surgery and make-up that can turn a man into a woman. Once you get out of political correctness land where you have to pretend men are women, that’s what reality is going to be like for the vast majority of men. If that’s hard to accept, it’s not because of bigotry, politics or some weird social trend. It’s because we’ve chosen to start lying to transsexuals as a society and those lies have long-term consequences.

This originally appeared at PJ Media.

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