Ian Miles Cheong on Sexism, What’s Wrong With Male Feminists, Conservative Guys vs, Liberal Guys

My latest Planet Hawkins podcast was with Ian Miles Cheong. It was a fun interview overall and I particularly enjoyed talking about male feminists with Ian. Here’s a slightly edited transcript of our conversation about them! Once again, you can listen to the whole conversation here.

Ian Miles Cheong: People would ask, “oh, how could this guy who was such a nice guy, a soft boy, he’s a male feminist…how could he be the one abusing women?” But as it turns out, most of the people outed by the #metoo movement for abusing women are male feminists. That’s a funny thing.

John Hawkins: I see that all the time. I hear liberal women complain that men are such trash. You sort of understand when you hear descriptions of liberal women talking about their experiences with men, but it’s like so many times they’re hanging out with these super woke guys and they’re terrible humans. I mean as a southern conservative, you hear that the south is so bad. But, I was always encouraged to be chivalrous. And I am sexist by the way. I think of myself as a benevolent sexist.

Ian Miles Cheong: Me too. I think it’s okay to be sexist. It’s okay to acknowledge there are biological differences between men and women. I mean men have 90% upper body,  more upper body strength than women…