Hunter Drew Explains What a “Marriage Quality Woman” Looks Like

I always LOVE the reaction to lists like this one on Twitter. A guy does what seems to be a fairly non-controversial list about what men like in a woman and women go all Greta Thunberg in the comments section.

While they’re going on an outrage bender, various women make sure to note that some variation of…

1) Expecting anything from a woman you are going to marry? What is this, the fifties?

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2) You are an awful person if you expect anything out of your female partner.

3) They are married, do none of these things and their husband LOVES IT (seriously doubt).

Here’s the list. You tell me how crazy this is…

If anything, this is playing on easy mode because there are so many other things you could add. For example, if a woman doesn’t want to look good for you, have a good relationship with your family and be there for you when you are down, why would you want to marry her? If you’re a woman going, “This is too high of a bar to get over,” you really aren’t marriage material and if you’re already married, people should feel sorry for your husband. There are also a lot of other things you could easily add like being interested in sex, having good character and being a good conversationalist. If none of those things are for you, maybe you’re more suited to a lifetime with cats than with a husband.

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