‘Hundreds’ of Young Trannsexuals Seeking Help to Return to Original Sex

The way we handle not just children, but young adults that think they may be trans in our society is madness. Despite the fact that as many as 80% of kids who think they’re the other gender later change their minds, we promote and push transsexualism to kids at every opportunity. We put young kids on powerful hormones and hormone blockers that can make long-term changes to their bodies while filling their heads with propaganda about the rightness of what they’re doing and the wrongness of anyone who challenges it. We tell their parents they could cause their child to commit suicide if they don’t go along with this and we ignore any doubts they have despite the fact that they know their own children better than anyone. We do this even though we know the suicide rate for post-op transsexuals is 19 times the rate of a control group and may not even be significantly lower than transgenders that don’t transition. We have schools pushing this on kids. We have the government paying enormous sums for people to mutilate themselves and it seems likely we’re doing more harm than good.

When you start looking at the kids that got sucked into this and changed their minds, that definitely seems to be the case,

Hundreds of young transgender people are seeking help to return to their original sex, a woman who is setting up a charity has told Sky News.

Charlie Evans, 28, was born female but identified as male for nearly 10 years before detransitioning.

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The number of young people seeking gender transition is at an all-time high but we hear very little, if anything, about those who may come to regret their decision.

There is currently no data to reflect the number who may be unhappy in their new gender or who may opt to detransition to their biological sex.

…Charlie says she has been contacted by “hundreds” of people seeking help – 30 people alone in her area of Newcastle.

“I think some of the common characteristics are that they tend to be around their mid-20s, they’re mostly female and mostly same-sex attracted, and often autistic as well.”

…She recalls being approached by a young girl with a beard who hugged her after giving a public talk, who explained she was a destransitioned woman too.

“She said she felt shunned by the LGBT community for being a traitor. So I felt I had to do something.”

Imagine feeling like an outcast, being convinced by the propaganda we bathe kids in that the REAL PROBLEM is that you are trapped in the wrong body, mutilating yourself, realizing that it doesn’t solve all your problems and then the few LGBT friends that you do have shun you because you’re a traitor to the cause because you were in the first place.

In the coming years, there are going to be tens of thousands of people in that position and I can only wish that the people pushing this on them cared about them enough as human beings to think about how bad this could be for them down the road.

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