How to Be a Beautiful Woman Part 2

So, I wrote a post based on this viral tweet of Alexander J.A. Cortes…

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…and it was interesting because I was talking to a woman who peruses this page regularly and read the post yesterday. She said something like, “If I didn’t know you, I would have reacted really negatively to the post.”

I asked her why and she didn’t have a really good answer. Moreover, when I noted that women have grocery lists of things they want in a man, she agreed that is true. She even mentioned a very average looking friend of hers who isn’t interested in dating any man without money. On one level, she seemed to recognize the hypocrisy of it, but she hadn’t thought much about the issue. Why would she? This is the culture we’re all immersed in day to day and any other way of approaching it can seem alien to you.

Contrary to what you hear from feminists, we live in a society where women are constantly told that everything revolves around their wants and needs while men are taught that their job is to fill those needs.

The dumb husband needs to do what his smart wife tells him and finish up his “honey do” list or he’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight. She can be painfully, brutally average, but demand to be treated like a princess. What she looks like doesn’t matter either because women (not men, just women) are attractive however they look because of “body positivity.” If you can’t handle her at her worst (which may be pretty bad), you don’t deserve her at her best (which may be pretty lame). She doesn’t need to bring you a sandwich, follow your lead or do ANYTHING to make you happy, but you need to take care of her kids from a previous marriage, do half the housework and learn to enjoy your small “man cave” in the house you bought for the two of you because she gets her way with the rest.

Meanwhile, back in the real world….

I’m going to say something that’s apparently hard for a lot of people (both men and women, but women moreso) to hear, but, “If you want unconditional love, buy a dog. If you want to be with another human being, you have to put some effort into fulfilling that person’s wants and needs which may be different than yours.”

There are an awful lot of women complaining that there are no good men left who really don’t offer much of anything that a good man would want other than sex and the reality is most of the “good men” have enough options in that department that they don’t need to lock one woman down long term just to get laid any more.

If you’re a man, it’s okay to actually want a woman who brings more to the table than an entitled attitude and sex. If you’re a woman, the whole, “A man owes me my wants and desires, but anything I give to him should be only on my terms” attitude pushed by feminism is in most cases a long term recipe for divorce or a house full of cats. None of this should be a revolutionary idea….

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