How Do You Stop Being Blackpilled?

Before we get started on this, it’s worth explaining what being “blackpilled” means. The Urban Dictionary does as good a job as anyone:

*The term is given a negative connotation as it is often associated with the “incel” and doomer communities. However, one doesn’t need to be a part of either to become blackpilled.*

A state of mind brought upon by the realization of harsh truths: seeing reality/society for what it truly is beyond the illusion of “equality” we are led to believe. It is the understanding that life is ultimately unfair and that “winners” and “losers” are determined, for the most part, by circumstances beyond one’s control (looks, wealth, mental condition, height, race, family, luck, etc.). The despair that arises from taking in the blackpill can be crippling and might drive some to the brink of insanity (thus the expression: Cope or Rope).

Another way to put it is that this is someone who has given up after concluding that the deck is stacked against them in life because of factors outside of their control. If you want a psychological term, it’s essentially “learned helplessness.”