Hormone Kit That Gives Men The Ability To Breastfeed Could Be Available Soon. But Why?

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Why would any self-respecting man do this?

A new invention could allow men to grow breasts and milk their children- and it could hit the market in as little as five years.

The kit was designed by British designer Marie-Claire Springham, who wanted men to be able to breastfeed their kids if the mother was having trouble.

…If the mother is unable to produce milk, the male partner can use the “empathy tool” in conjunction with hormone therapy, which will give a man breasts that can get as big as a B-cup.

“Male lactation is clinically possible and provokes interesting questions about what parenthood means in the 21st century,” lactation consultant Katherine Fisher told Men’s Health.

It doesn’t raise interesting questions at all. It just makes you go, “Why would any man want to do this?”

“Oh, because it shows his empathy and understanding!”

If you want empathetic and understanding, become a lesbian. Part of what makes men different from women is that they are less empathetic, understanding and nurturing. Stop trying to gender bend. Let women be women and men be men.

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