His Wife Wants to Have a Baby — BUT NOT WITH HIM

As you read this letter to an advice columnist, just remind yourself that there are really men that live like this.

I’m a man, married to a woman whom I love and adore, and respect more than anything in the world.

The thing is that she sees other men for sex and is open about it. She doesn’t have actual sex with me anymore. She says I’m too small down there. But she likes that I’m a great provider.

She expects me to accept this situation and to remain faithful to her, which I am.

Now, she wants to have a baby, but says it won’t be mine and she insists that I accept this, too.

She knows how much I love her and that I’ve always accepted how our marriage is. I don’t want to lose her. What should I do?

What man gets married to “NOT have sex” with a woman who is banging other men and planning to have a baby with one of them that I assume that Cucky McCuckerson here will have to support since he’s “a great provider?” On top of all that, imagine that his wife goes through with it. Then aside from her regular hook-ups, they will have a baby-daddy in their lives for the foreseeable future. I could totally see him babysitting while his wife and the other guy are having sex in his bedroom.

You have to assume that any man who has let himself get into this position has a lot of confidence, self-esteem, mental health and manliness issues. In fact, it’s probably likely that he’s some kind of submissive omega male that actually gets off on the fact that she’s treating him like this. Pretty much all of this stuff should be too much for a man, but even this guy should have some serious qualms about the baby. Even if your choice is between being alone or being with this woman, being alone looks pretty good.

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John Hawkins
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