His Wife is Refusing to Sleep With Him Unless He Agrees to Adopt a Black Child

Increasingly, we’re seeing people at the far ends of the ideological spectrum — especially on the Left — taking their political beliefs so far that they come across like mental patients. This is right out of that playbook:

So a quick summary, we used to live in NYC together, but then moved to DC as it was lower cost of living and now we have a house near the DC area. I work in Engineering and my wife used to work in consulting but now works at a non-profit.

We have had a good marriage, for the most part, I feel that my wife is generally the more passionate one and I am the more toned down engineer. This works well for us when we can eventually reach a conclusion but this fight now has been festering and really ruining our relationship.

My wife has brought up in the past about adopting a kid from Africa, but that was something we talked about doing when our children had fully grown, like maybe in our late 50s. And I entertained the idea but I always said it would be something we would get back to.