His Girlfriend’s Male Best Friend Keeps Confessing His Love For Her & It’s Making Him Angry

Via Reddit:

My girlfriends best guy friend keeps confessing his love for her, it’s starting to irritate me. Am I doing the right thing?

Hello Ladies and Gents. I’m a (22, Male) I’ve been dating my girlfriend (20, Female) for the last couple of months and so far everything is going pretty well. Except my girlfriends best friend is a guy (28, Male) and he keeps trying to get with her and it’s starting to annoy me, I find it disrespectful and am not sure how to handle it.

My girlfriend met this guy a couple of months before she met me, they’ve been friends ever since. When we first started daiting she told me she’d never have any feelings for him because of how attached and overwhelming he is. Well after we started dating he has just gotten worse. I tried to be friends with the guy because I felt bad for him, he doesn’t have much of a social life and doesn’t know to act around people. I’ve tried setting him up on dates with other girls and he refuses to see anyone else. He told me he would just use them for sex, so I stopped trying for obvious reasons. My girlfriend told me the other day he told her he loves her and that he will never be in a relationship with anyone else because of how much he loves her, he said she’s the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and can’t see himself with anyone else. He told her he’d wait for her. (He said this after I dropped her off for the night). He gets upset anytime he sees us together or kiss. He takes her out to dinner all of the time, always buys gifts for her, and flowers anytime I’m not around.