His Girlfriend Wants Him to Pay Her Bills Because He Spent the Night?

Welcome to red flag central. Hope you brought your credit card.

Girlfriend wants to me to pay bills for spending the night

Girlfriend wants me to pay bills after I spent the night. We’ve been together for about 18 months. We lived together for about 15 then I moved out but we’re still together. Last night I spent the night. I just got off the phone with her she said if I’m gonna be spending the night then I need to pay bills. Yesterday I handed her a pair of $300 beats headphones. I didn’t pay full price but they’re $300 if you get them out bestbuy. Aint nothing mine there. What I bring with me leaves with me. Sometimes I bring her stuff she needs. Such as laundry detergent or whatever. last night she needed a firestick remote. I had an extra one laying around.I don’t go in her fridge. I spend the night one or two times a week sometimes. The night before last she was wanting me to come over so bad but I was scared to drive because it was 1:30 in the morning and I was too tired to do all that. I figured I’ll just come over tomorrow when I’m not sleepy. Then when I get there she’s on the phone for 3 hours! But the night before she wanted me so so bad. Here I am now but nothing happened. I sat back and waited for her to mention I have company over or some kind of excuse to get off the phone. She didn’t and I don’t really care. I sat back for a reason to see if she would get off the phone to spend time with me. When I go over there I paint, help her do stuff since I have the tools for it and sometimes we go pick up furniture on my gas money. I came across a deal on a ceiling fan. I bought it and put it up. When we go out to eat I’m the one buying. What is this a hotel or something? I mean she wants me to pay bills to spend the night! She said I didn’t do anything for her I told her you DONT DO ANYTHING FOR ME. I told her I feel like im being used she got mad and pretty much said I’m done and hung the phone up. I guess I’m supposed to sit down, shut the fuck up and do whatever. What do you call this!? It’s like what more do you want from me?! I don’t even have a spare key to her house.

Granted, there are situations when it’s worth discussing whether someone’s partner should be paying rent. If it’s one of those situations where they’ve essentially moved in and are sleeping there every night, it seems like a natural question.

On the other hand, I’ve never even heard of someone being asked to pay the rent because they stayed over for a single night. I mean, does she pay HIS RENT if she stays over at his house?