His Girlfriend Made a TikTok About the Hottest Guys She Slept With. Should He Dump Her?

Even in a society full of people that overshare on social media, this seems like way too much:

Girlfriend[24f] made a tik tok about the hottest men she has hooked up with, I[25m] am contemplating breaking up with her.

My girlfriend and I have been together for five months. We have had an okay relationship so far, we have had problems here and there in our relationship but we have been good in that after our disagreements we can generally talk things out effectively.

We live fourty minutes apart and are keeping our distance in the quarantine, (my grandparents are living in my family’s house rn) My girlfriend has a tik tok account, I don’t use tik tok (I like the app but its too addicting). So I haven’t been able to keep up with my girlfriend’s tik toks unless she sends me the url.

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One of my guy friends shared with me one of her tik toks. Long story short, these guys were all your traditional good looking jock type guys. And to make matters worse, she rated them out of /10 on how good they were in bed and why…

Now, I have had some insecurities about our relationship, my girlfriend has slept with a lot more guys than me. Which is one thing, but the thing which amplifies it I guess is that they have all been the same type, tall white, fratty guy. and before I get the comment, she chose to be with you, I think she wanted to date these guys, but from what I have heard, they didn’t want anything more than to just hookup with her.

So here we are, I am in this relationship, and now my insecurities that I was able to previously put to rest have flared back up in a massive way. I also find this whole thing super disrespectful to put up now that we are in a relationship. I don’t want my friends to see the list of guys my girlfriend has slept with and how big their meat was.

I talked to her she said its not a big deal, that she no one takes tik tok seriously and that she just did it because she was bored. And that if I want to she can make a pt 2 and post me on there as the hottest guy. I don’t even know what to say to this. I am deeply hurt and she takes it as a joke. What should I do here? Is breaking up the right call?

First of all, just to be clear, we’re talking about a 24-YEAR-OLD WOMAN who publicly rated the guys she has been with on how big their c*cks were and how good they are in bed. If we were talking about an emotionally damaged 16-year-old, you might go, “Oh, that poor girl. She must be a mess!” What does it say about the maturity level and common sense of a 24-year-old that does something like this?

Along similar lines, what does it say about their relationship when her current boyfriend WAS NOT on the list of the best guys she’s been with in bed? Even if she was going to do something this stupid, which is unquestionably a horrible idea, it never occurred to her that her own boyfriend might not want to see her publicly talking about how other guys she had been with were hotter and better in bed than him? What does that say about how much value she puts on the relationship?

Additionally, her boyfriend already thinks his girlfriend is settling for him, “I think she wanted to date these guys, but from what I have heard, they didn’t want anything more than to just hook up with her.” Guess what? He’s probably right. Oh, and her offer to, “make a pt 2 and post me on there as the hottest guy.” How insulting!

With all that in mind, he should probably follow the lead of all those “tall white, fratty” dudes by cutting her loose. No woman alive is worth that kind of humiliation.

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