His Girlfriend Made a TikTok About the Hottest Guys She Slept With. Should He Dump Her?

Even in a society full of people that overshare on social media, this seems like way too much:

Girlfriend[24f] made a tik tok about the hottest men she has hooked up with, I[25m] am contemplating breaking up with her.

My girlfriend and I have been together for five months. We have had an okay relationship so far, we have had problems here and there in our relationship but we have been good in that after our disagreements we can generally talk things out effectively.

We live fourty minutes apart and are keeping our distance in the quarantine, (my grandparents are living in my family’s house rn) My girlfriend has a tik tok account, I don’t use tik tok (I like the app but its too addicting). So I haven’t been able to keep up with my girlfriend’s tik toks unless she sends me the url.