His Girlfriend is Overweight & Believes There is No Reason to Lose Weight. Should He Dump Her?

This is actually kind of a sad story.

My girlfriend is 30 years-old. She is obese, and she told me she has pre-diabetes, fatty liver and high blood pressure. But, she believes in the healthy at every weight/ body positivity movement and intuitive eating (no dieting, no restricting any food.) Im not attracted to her body, but I care a lot about her. If she were to start walking everyday and to stop eating sugar and limit bread, she might lose weight. Firstly that would improve her health. Secondly, that might mean we can stay together. Im ready to walk with her everyday and to eat like she does.

I have met her one year ago. I started dating her even though her weight bothered me. As I knew her more, Ive grown to like her a lot. Even though Im not attracted to her body, I stayed. It was a tough year for me, and she was there for me. I feel it’s shallow to just break up without trying to fix and to fight for this relationship.

Trying to fix this problem is not simple. My girlfriend had an eating disorder. She had been fit all her life. But two years ago, she started getting obsessed about food. She doesnt like talking about her eating disorder. and is a very sensitive person. So, I dont know much about her disorder and whether it’s cured or not. She sees a dietitian who believes in intuitive eating. This dieting philosophy asserts that cutting calories and avoiding “bad foods” doesn’t work. I dont understand it fully. But, I know they dont believe in weight loss as a goal. They are actually against it.