His Girlfriend is ‘Jokingly’ Violent Towards Him and He Doesn’t Know What To Do

All too often, we treat women hitting men as a joke, and sometimes it is. All of us have probably gotten a playful punch on the arm at one time or another. However, sometimes the “joke” isn’t so funny:

My (19m) gf (18f) is ‘jokingly’ violent towards me and constantly tells me I’m awful

It all started at the beginning where she would lightly slap me, or try touch my ass, which I hated, to the point I told her to stop the first time. She’s continued to do it and I’ve told her to stop every time afterwards.

However, recently she was very violent and pulls my hair and slaps me whilst trying to punch my testicles. To be honest, I snapped I shouldn’t have but I was done with telling her to stop being violent as she promised to change but wouldn’t. So when she tried to hit me I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pinched hard. She threw a tantrum claimed I was “too violent” and that it “was all for fun” despite me telling her for months to stop. I’m not condoning what I did but I wasn’t thinking I was just angry.