His Girlfriend is Going on a $7,700 Trip With Another Guy & He’s Not Happy

Via Reddit:

My(24M) GF(24F) is on vaccation with another single man(45M) he paid(~6000€) for.

My GF(24F) planned a vaccation(11 days in Dubai) with a guy(45M) she had feelings for 3 years ago but only looks at him as a friend since. But he has feelings for her and she knows that. She said to him nothing will happen but he wants to go anyway. I know the guy kinda and what she told me he would not make a move when she don’t wants it so she trust him on that. My Problem here is, the guy doesn’t know that we are together because she just got out of a relationship(2 years) and doesn’t want to make it public again so soon(4 months) after that.

I(24M) got toghether with her 1 month after she booked the trip with him so we didn’t know each other at that time they made the plan.