His Girlfriend Had Her Phone Stolen in the Riots & is Demanding a $1500 Phone or She’ll Dump Him

This girl? Geeze, dude…

My [24f] girlfriend’s phone and purse got stolen in the riots, she wants a $1500 iphone, I [25m] told her I am I will buy her a $250 android phone and nothing more, she is threatening to break up with me.

My girlfriend and I have both been together for a year and a half. We don’t live together but now during quarantine she has started sleeping over my place a lot and is over my apartment more days than not.

Now when these protests started happening I told her that it is not safe for her. We are both Indian and that there is a lot of racism against our people because we are known for owning stores in black neighborhoods. Plus things have been tense. I urged her not to go for her safety. She called me racist saying that I was stereotyping people. And she was angry for me not going I told her that I will exercise my civic duty in the election booth, not over protest.