His Girlfriend Demanded That He Spend $3,200 On Her For Valentine’s Day

Just in case you were thinking, “Maybe this guy is so rich that $3200 is nothing to him,” — not so much:

While many people enjoy the novelty of Valentine’s Day, I can almost guarantee none of you are as into it as 22-year-old Chantal Blakey, who makes sure her other half well and truly spoils her as 14 February rolls around.

Chantal, from Blackpool, is such a fan of the annual holiday that she draws up a list totalling £2,500 for her fiancé Joe Kyles, and expects celebrations to last a week.

In fact, she even admitted she’s actually dumped boyfriends in the past for not quite cutting the mustard on Valentine’s Day.

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…Chantal’s fiancé Joe, who she met in 2015, used to tease her about her obsession with Valentine’s Day, but now lavishes her with expensive treats as the big day comes.

Personal trainer Joe has been saving up for months, and has even taken on extra shifts to make Chantal’s dreams a reality.

…Chantal said: “I start making lists for Valentine’s Day 11 months beforehand. It’s so important that it goes exactly right.

“This year my list tops £2,500 ($3,200). A big trend now is ‘flower bombing’. You get multiple bouquets of all different types sent throughout the day so your desk is ‘bombed’ with flowers.

“My list details the whole day and starts with rose petals on the bed and flowers when I wake up.

“I always want breakfast in bed – last year he made my favourite, pancakes with bacon and syrup.

“I always want a Valentine’s card in the morning and it has to have a long message in it.

“If it just says, ‘To Chantal, love Joe’, then I’d make him rewrite it.”

…”I know people think I’m over the top but it’s important to me.”

She added: “I do get him gifts. I’ve bought him a designer shirt and a watch, but I think the emphasis is on the woman to get spoilt.”

As a general rule, personal trainers don’t make an exorbitant amount of money, so asking your personal trainer boyfriend to spend $3200 and dedicate a week of his time to Valentine’s Day is an enormous ask. Believing that you deserve that kind of display from someone every year for Valentine’s Day is, let’s call it what it is, very narcissistic.

Now, some people might say, “Sure this is ridiculous, but maybe she’s great as a girlfriend in every other way.” And maybe she is… but, I really doubt it. Weird behavior like this typically doesn’t exist in a vacuum. A woman isn’t terrific in almost every way, EXCEPT she likes to cut you with knives during sex. Except she’s a hoarder. Except she wants you to work overtime for a couple of months so you can afford to shower her with expensive gifts for a week every year at Valentine’s Day.

So, for now, she wants to go to crazy extremes for Valentine’s Day. Is she going to want him to go into debt for the wedding? Is she going to demand a house $200,000 out of his price range? Is she going to want multiple big vacations every year that he can’t afford? Is she going to constantly expect special treatment? Will she always need to be the center of attention and get huffy if she isn’t?

None of us can know that from one article about her demanding behavior around Valentine’s Day, but let’s hope one of this guy’s friends can talk over potential warning signs with him because this behavior is a huge red flag.

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