His Girlfriend Decided To Transition to Male & Says He’s Transphobic If They Break Up

I’ve seen a number of stories like this one and I’m always blown away by them because they’re such a modern problem. We have lots of disturbed people that want to change sexes and almost as strangely, people that are so terrified of being “transphobic” that they don’t immediately run for their lives:

My(M21) partner(22) has just confided in me that they are transgender and want to undergo hormone therapy and has accused me of being transphobic.

I’m very sorry if I butcher the language needed to describe my partner, I harbor no hate in my heart to trans people, I’m just very ignorant.

My partner is a biological female who recently confided in me that he is trans. I love him with all of my heart and I want to be able to support him in any way I possibly could. I however don’t know much about trans people or that process at all. But I tried to ask as many questions as I could to understand. He told me that he was planning to start hormone therapy as soon as he could, this bothered me. I don’t know much about HRT but I do know that if he has it, she will begin looking more and masculine. Which I am not a fan of. I told her I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable being with her if that happened, and he started crying. I tried to console him but nothing really worked, and he told me to leave him alone. The he told me that me breaking up with him over him being trans made me transphobic.