His Girlfriend Called Men ‘Failed Abortions.’ What Should He Do?

Wow, is there a twist in this one

My girlfriend [F24] called men “failed abortions” and is now trying to walk it back [M23]

My girlfriend has always had a hot streak in her for social issues. Normally this doesn’t bother me at all, I agree with her on most issues.

Yesterday we got into a fight because she saw an article about police violence and how it was mostly perpetrated by men. She said that men were “failed abortions” and we wouldn’t have these problems if they were born women. I took offense to that and we ended up in an argument where she said that she clearly didn’t mean all men and said I was being oversensitive. I felt like it definitely crossed a line, and it hit particularly hard because I’ve had some questioning of my gender identity and haven’t always wanted to have been born a man (I’ve been open with her about this and she’s usually supportive).