His Ex-GF Falsely Claims He Hit Her & Wants to Get Back Together. What Should He Do?

There are women who love drama and then there’s this:

Hey reddit. I have ran into a huge problem here. I’ve been dating this girl for 3 1/2 years now. 2 days ago I cut then relationship off because there was so much drama. We would argue every single day. And there’s only so much arguments I could take until I just started falling out of love. I dropped her off at her house 2 days ago and didn’t talk until the next day. The next day I picked her up because she wanted to talk. But after a few hours of talking she told me her whole family now hates me because “I hit her” I’ve never laid a hand on this girl before. She decided to throw food all over my car a few days ago when she left, Yet I never laid a hand on her. I simply drove away. I have most of the incident with the burrito (Just sound) what do I do next? She wants to get back together but my god I just don’t think I can take the stress of all this.

(Comment added)…Wanna hear something funny about that? In September she claimed someone raped her at work. I get a call while I’m working from her and she tells me that something bad has happened twice at work. She tells me that a guy raped her and forced to blow her 2 different times. I was told 2 weeks after it happened. I stuck with her through the whole thing and never left her side. But once police got involved her story kept changing and the police new it. The cops ended up stopping the whole case and she told me it was because “he was underage and she’d get in trouble if it went to court” even tho he “Raped her”

(Comment added)…Thank you. I just recorded a phone call and said “why did you tell your friends and family I hit you, I’ve never laid a hand on you before” and she replied with “I know you wouldn’t I was just very upset at you. You broke my heart”

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Listen, there’s a reason that “Don’t stick your d*ck in crazy” is an ironclad rule of dating for men. It’s because extremely crazy women do things like make false rape accusations and tell their family you beat them because they’re upset.

In this case, he was smart enough to bait her into admitting it in a phone conversation. If this story starts spreading around or goes to the police, that recording is going to be crucial for him, although he should definitely check the laws in his state. There are 12 states where it’s illegal to record a person without their consent. That won’t matter if she goes to the police, but it may impact other contexts where he might share that information.

Last but not least, it goes without saying that he shouldn’t get back together with this woman. Once you get to the point where false accusations are being leveled, that takes you beyond the point of no return no matter what else is going on. At this point, he should treat her like a bear that has wandered into his backyard. He should slowly, but very surely back away while making no sudden movements and endeavoring not to upset her. If she refuses to leave him alone or escalates things in a dangerous way, then it’s time to reach out to professionals (like lawyers or police officers) that can help keep him safe.

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