His Ex-Fiance Ghosted Him Before the Wedding 16 Years Ago. Now She Wants to Meet Up. Should He?

Can you imagine being in this guy’s place when this happened to him? Oof.

My (38/F) ex-fiance ghosted me (39/M) before our wedding. It’s been 16 years and now she wants to talk it over again. Should we reopen closed wounds?

I was never given an explanation. She just left and told nobody. It was literally right before our big wedding ceremony. She didn’t leave a note, nothing, just left. Even her family were left baffled. She just up and left. We had dated all through HS and all through College.

She eventually returned but, not too me. I had to learn via third party (her Parents) she had no intention of coming home. She wanted nothing to do with me and told her parents to avoid having me around. I never got a choice in the matter. I respected her wishes. I never understood why she did it. My only guess was she had a mental breakdown because she cut off all contact with everyone. We were both young and still growing. I don’t know but, I’ve struggled with it since.