He’s White, She’s Black & Her Racism Is Destroying Their 7 Year Relationship

Happy smiling couple in Central park. Enjoying time on the bow bridge

This is one Hell of a story and I just had a feeling that the guy who wrote it would delete it. He did, but I copied it first. So, here’s to quick thinking!

My girlfriend and I have been together for 7 years. We have had an amazing relationship thus far and I couldn’t ask for a better woman and mother. However, there is one dark cloud hanging over us that may be enough to end what we’ve built.

You see, my girlfriend is very active in black rights; mainly via social media. Now, before you read on, I am too! We aren’t out on the streets marching, but we both believe in equality for everyone. The problem is, she spends so much time concentrating on injustice in the black community and white privilege, that she then projects her feelings on to me.

For the first two years of our relationship, we would have open debates about all types of different social injustices. Now, don’t get me wrong, during that time, I was very defensive. I never wanted to be coined a “racist” for any reason. Through my defensiveness, we had many fights.