He’s Been Paying His Girlfriend’s Rent & Now She Wants Another Pet

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I (22m) have been paying my girlfriends (22f) rent for the last 8 months and said no to her getting another animal until she contributes

So me and my girlfriend have been living together now in a house for about 8 months, going into the house she didn’t really have stable work or good financial history (I was more than happy to cover the cost of rent ($150 a week) but today she wanted to get another animal, we already have a cat and a rabbit together but she wants another rabbit, I somewhat put my foot down and said I’d prefer if she were in a position to start covering her side of the rent before she starts dedicating more of both our money towards another animal and she got rather upset about the whole thing thinking it isn’t a big problem and that helping this animal is more important than contributing towards our relationship financially, and now I feel like an ass for saying no? Should I just let her get the rabbit and take it on the chin or?

So, “she didn’t really have stable work or good financial history” and now, she’s ready to make another bad financial decision.

It’s not exactly a shocker, bro.

If you’re going to be in a relationship with someone like that, then you’re going to have to set some boundaries or you’re going to start finding that her financial problems have become your financial problems. If you can’t say “no” to her when she wants a THIRD pet, how do you say “no” on the 4th or the 5th? What happens when she wants you to co-sign on some furniture or a car, you do it and then she gets behind on the payments there?

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You’re not married to this woman; so how much financial responsibility do you want to take for her life? Hint: The answer to that should be “very little.” Even if you plan to marry her one day and have her stay at home, you need to set some boundaries or one day her bad spending habits will get you in way over your head.

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