Her Husband Tried to Help Get Away With Having Sex With a 13 Year Old While Another Kid Watched

Picture from Goodyear Police Department

On the scale of martial mistakes, having sex with someone other than your husband is really bad. In and of itself, it can be and usually is a marriage-ender.

An order of magnitude worse than that is having a long running affair. You didn’t have a few too many drinks and make a one time mistake, you repeated it regularly.

Another level up from that is having an affair…with a 13 year old boy.

Then, at the boss level of “what the hell is wrong with you” is having an affair with a 13 year old boy, whom you have sex with while another 13 year old boy watches.

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That’s where teacher Brittany Zamora has ended up.

But police say a message from one male student quickly turned into flirting and then evolved into a sexual relationship between the then-27-year-old and her barely teenage pupil.

Records obtained by The Arizona Republic provide additional detail about Zamora’s alleged sexual misconduct with the student. Video, police interviews and Zamora’s arrest captured on body-worn cameras describe how Zamora and the boy had sex multiple times in her car and classroom — once with another male student in the room.

The two even sexually touched each other while oblivious students watched a video, records show.

…The 13-year-old boy told a police interviewer he couldn’t remember how their conversations evolved from student-teacher conversations to flirting and, eventually, exchanging I-love-yous.

They talked frequently about what they wanted to do to each other, he told the interviewer.

“She said she wanted to give me a blow job and my stuff is really big and stuff like that,” he recounted to the interviewer in his prepubescent voice.

She pushed him to clarify what exactly “stuff” meant. He hesitated before saying, practically in a whisper, the word “penis.”

…She sent him a naked picture of herself and another of herself wearing lingerie. He told police he also sent her pictures of himself naked.

This went on for weeks, he said. It didn’t escalate past that until the two nights the boy was staying at his grandparents’ house. She messaged him asking if she could come over to show how much she loved him. Her husband was gone fishing.

…One day, the boys were supposed to stay later after school to help prepare for a talent show. Instead, she kept them in the room and began kissing the victim, the friend told the police interviewer. She asked the friend to stay and make sure no one saw as they had sex in the classroom.

The friend struggled to describe what was happening to the interviewer, confusing the word vagina with Virginia during a separate interview with police.

“They were just doing it,” the friend said. “It was very uncomfortable.”

The next day, they again asked the friend to stand watch. He refused and left. He told the interviewer the victim confided to him that he had sex with Zamora again.

I know a lot of people like to paint boys in this situation as dirty little animals who probably initiated the whole thing and loved it, but we’re talking about kids that are confusing vagina and Virginia here. In other words, she might as well be “driving a rundown white van with ‘free candy’ on the side” sexual predator.

Yet, her husband of 4 years is going over and above to stand by her…

Zamora’s husband pleaded with the boy’s parents to settle this without calling the police. He begged them to forgive her. He tried to defend her, saying she was a good teacher who would do anything to help her students.

The boy’s father urged Daniel Zamora not to incriminate himself — to leave her.

“She had another 13-year-old in there watching the whole (f–king) thing,” the father said to Daniel Zamora. “Do you understand?”

Daniel Zamora pledged to stay with his wife, though.

The parents told him not to call again.

It is almost instinctual for a man to want to protect, take care of and fix problems for his family. It’s natural, it’s normal and it’s usually a good thing. The problem with some men is that they take it to cataclysmically stupid extremes. It’s the guy who’s taking back the woman who lied to the police about abuse, the woman that stole from him because of her drug habit and the woman who’s having an affair with a 13 year old.

If you’re excusing your wife’s statutory rapey affair with a 13 year, I’ve got to question if you have enough self respect to draw a line in the sand over anything. If you’re turning a blind eye to that, it’s hard to imagine how much worse it will get from there.

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