Her Cousin is Demanding That She Dye Her Hair if She Wants to Attend Her Wedding. Should She Go?

These Bridezillas always blow me away. Like people aren’t doing them a FAVOR when they go to the wedding and buy something off the wedding registry. It’s a wedding, not a free ticket to Lollapalooza. There’s only so much you can ask from people. Yet and still:

WIBTA if I refused to attend my cousin’s wedding after she asked me to dye my ginger hair?

Yes I’m aware that my cousin posted here and oh the irony as i showed her this sub last year, but I really don’t care if she sees this, maybe it’ll hammer the point home. And I doubt she will see it as they are currently on their pre wedding honeymoon, legit didn’t even know those were a thing. So Amy is getting married, she has a blue and green and purple theme for the wedding. People are supposed to wear these colours including the moh and the bridesmaids. What irked me about that post was that my hair is NOT FLAMING MERIDA RED. maybe slightly more [ginger] (https://ibb.co/w4yrCCk) in low light This whole thing is completely insane to me and I have no idea where it has come from.

My hair [2] (https://ibb.co/3BVPgBf3 is what i would describe as strawberry blonde, maybe ginger blonde. Those are actual picture’s of my hair not some poor stranger’s instagram. Things have been awkward from the start with Amy demanding that everyone has to stick to this dress code or they will be barred by security at the damn door. She has also asked anyone with hair past their waist to cut it in a Facebook post but it got no replies and I can’t think of anyone except me and maybe my sister with suoer long hair. My mum and dad are both way more ginger than me and my sister who is 8 months pregnants hair is not much shorter than mine and is super ginger, and Amy never asked her to touch her hair? if anything I got the dull hair geane.

At first Amy called up to tell me she had made a post here, I took a look and had to laugh to be honest, She linked me early on clealry thinking people would agree with her but she said she was worried because it blew up.