Her Boyfriend Told her He Sexually Abused His Sister When He Was Young. Should She Dump Him?

If oversharing was an Olympic event, this dude would be fighting for a medal:

He confessed to me about this about 3 months ago and I still find myself thinking and being repulsed by it. He’s going to therapy for it because of trauma. He told me that they stopped doing it when he was about 13-14 years old and his sister was about 9-10. He also confessed about it to his whole family and apologized to his sister.

I thought I’ve moved on from this but I would think about it all the time. There was no coercion that happened and part of me thinks that they were both young when it happened and it’s done out of innocence; however, isn’t 13-14 a little too old to be “innocent” from these things especially when his sister is 4 years younger that he is.

He also admitted that 10 months into our relationship, he went to omegle and sought advice from strangers about this and found himself going to the “trans” tag and telling someone who’s trans that he’s horny and immediately ended the chat afterwards…. I was on facetime the whole time he said.