Her Boyfriend is Dumping Her For Her Roommate & Both of Them Want Her to Keep Living With Them

There are healthy relationships and then there’s this one:

So my boyfriend of 9 years (let’s call him Andrew) and I just moved to London so he could do his undergrad degree and I could pursue my career. . To live as a couple we have been living with a roommate (let’s call her Lauren) in a two bed apartment.

I have supported him financially over the last 4 years at different times paying his share of the rent. In that time he has had a part time job in retail. Last year 2018, he was working full time and I was working part time and studying but I paid the rent and bills then. He was saving for the first year of his undergrad because due to some circumstances he could not get that funded.

In October, we moved to London so I could get a graduate job and he could study at University here with the understanding that I would pay the rent and bills so he could study.