He Watched 9 Guys Run a Train On Her & Then Later Married Her

My first thought after reading that was the natural, “Holy sh*t, what guy could watch that and then marry that woman?”

Then, other things come to mind. Like, “Wait, he WATCHED 9 guys run a train on her? Why wasn’t he part of the train? Was he too shy? Was it like a weird, kinky cuck thing where he wanted to watch a bunch of guys run a train on his girl?”

That must make for a romantic story to tell people, right?

Trending: He Watched 9 Guys Run a Train On Her & Then Later Married Her

Semi-Faithful Latina: How did you two meet?

Friend: Well, it’s so funny. We were at a bar and some guy was bothering me and he walked up, told him to leave me alone. He was so manly, I just knew he was the guy for me! Right sweetie? How about you two? How did you meet?

Semi-Faithful Latina’s Husband: Oh, well she was like on all fours and there was a guy in front of her and behind pounding away. Then, they like high fived and were like, ‘This girl is queen of the hoes!’ At just that moment, she looked up, caught my eye and it was love at first sight!”

Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that you don’t marry a prostitute, a porn star, a stripper or a girl you watched take on 9 random dudes at a frat party. Plus, in this case, her Twitter name is “Semi-faithful Latina” which probably means she’s banging dudes on the side and any woman with judgment poor enough to post this to her Twitter account is not someone you want in your life until you die.

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