He Was Assaulted and Knocked Unconscious. How Does He Move Forward?

I come from the school of thought that says every man should be able to physically defend himself and others. Are you 11? Are you old? Do you have a broken leg that prevents you from standing up? No? Then you should be able to fight if you need to fight or this could happen to you.

This past Friday, I was assaulted after leaving a bar. The people who hit me I’ve never seen before. I was with a friend trying to get them so we could go back to campus. I’m telling everyone this argument isn’t as serious as they were making it out to be when all of a sudden I was sucker punched. That first punch didn’t do much. All of a sudden as I’m walking away, another individual hit me in the head from behind. As i was falling, I hit my head on the corner of a wall and split my head open pretty badly. I was literally able to stick my finger in my head.

I woke up after my friend helped revive me and I barely knew anything happened to me but he’s yelling in my face that I needed to go to the emergency room. That scared me because I have 0 insurance after recent law changes. I was taken in the ambulance and work up the next morning with my left arm and right foot restrained to the hospital bed. I was so afraid, and i was the only one there. I wasn’t even able to call my mom to tell her what was going on.

I later came to find out there was a video of the entire incident. The worst part about all of this was that the police were less than 10-15ft away and they just watched. Part of me wants to attempt filing a police report but the other half of me finds that idea to be pointless because if they didn’t bother helping then, why would they now? I’ve never liked the police but now my feelings are so much more justified.