He Left His Wife For His Sugar Baby and Then It All Went Bad

This might seem farfetched, but after having some conversations with strippers about guys who caught a case of the feels and spent astronomical amounts of money on them, it sounds extremely plausible to me.

WIBTA for ghosting a guy who left his wife for me, a sex worker?

I’m a sex worker, doing sugar baby work to pay for college. It’s not what I want to do for long.

I was seeing a guy Tom for six months and he was paying for a girlfriend experience, basically he pays me but I don’t acknowledge it when we’re together. I act like his girlfriend in public and private and accompany him to social things, say sweet shit, etc. It was a weird vibe, he’s a banking exec and he’d bring me around his co-workers (who know his wife and family) and they all just accepted me being there because they also had girls on the side. I’m Unsure how many of them were paid for.

I also pretended to be exclusive, but to me that was just a part of the acting gig. He also said shit about loving me and wanting to leave his wife for me, but I took it as all play-acting and played along. I was playing at being his girlfriend, he was playing at telling me nice things about our future. I didn’t take an iota of it seriously; it seemed like the BS every cheating guy says without meaning.