He Heard His Wife Tell a Friend Over The Phone That She “Settled For Being With Him”

So, if you are a man and you hear your wife say that along with expressing the idea that marrying you was her “Last resort,” what do you do?

Personally, if you told me that I had to choose with never being with another woman again OR I could only be with women who wanted other men but settled for me because I was all they could get, I’d choose going solo. That’s not everybody, but it would be such a blow to my ego to know that my own wife felt that way, that I don’t think I could hack it with that daily reminder of my failure as a man staring me in the face.

Apparently, the man in question felt the same way because there was an update…

 Just did one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Today after breakfast I told her we should “sit down and talk.” She was hesitant, but I said it was important. We went to the living room and she said to me “I already know what this is about.” My post apparently made it to the front page, so of course she saw it after scrolling down a bit under “popular.” Of course the water works started happening right away. I told her what she said had deeply hurt me, but obviously she already knew that since she read my post. Through her tears, she said “I was just joking, I wasn’t serious.” She then went on saying stuff like “I love you, I love you.” I told her I can’t be in a marriage where my S/O doesn’t love me the same way I love them. She tried to tell me that she loved me and that I meant something to her. But it was all bullsh*t. She said she “didn’t want to lose me.” I told her I don’t think this marriage was the right decision. And from there I basically told her it was over. I told her I knew how she really felt about me, and that it was f*cked yo she basically played with my emotions. For all those wondering, we have no kids, and I pay fully for the apartment we live in, and I own almost everything we have other then her clothes. I even pay for her car. So after all of this she’ll have little to nothing left. Before our marriage, we agreed to sign a pre-nup, and at that moment, I’ve never been so happy with a decision I’ve made in my life. After that it was a few second of awkward silence, before she said to me “F*ck you.” She started screaming at me, telling me “you just can’t end things like that.” I told her I could do whatever I wanted, and that’s when she became very hostile. She screamed at me saying, “You’re the f*cking worst relationship I’ve ever been in. You think I can’t find someone again?” “Do you think you’ll ever from someone as good as me? You’re a f*cking idiot [my name].” She grabbed her bag and phone, and said “I’m leaving!” Before slamming the door behind her. At that moment I felt like I was on one of those dramatic sitcoms you’d find of TV. I sat down on the couch and cried, and I’m still crying as I type this up. It’s both happy and sad tears, and I knew it was only time before she cheated on me or left me. She never loved me, it was obvious. Our relationship only went one way, and I feel like a complete idiot for not seeing it earlier I live in California, and I’m gonna start the process to annul our marriage. Tomorrow, I’m gonna start throwing all of her belongings in to trash bags, cause that’s essentially where they belong. (I’m not throwing out her stuff. Just using the trash bags as a way to give her back the things she owns.) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words and your great advice. All of you gave me the courage to stand up for myself, and I know my life will certainly improve as a result.

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There is another lesson in there. If you are a man with money, get a prenup or don’t get married. Because the only thing that’s worse than having your marriage go south is having it happen AND watching a woman you don’t want in your life any more walk away with half of your stuff.

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