He Found Out His Girlfriend of a Year Slept With Another Guy While They Were ‘Taking it Slow.’

This is one of those things where a lot of people will say she did nothing wrong, but she definitely did…

I have been with this girl I’ll call Jess for close to a year now. Since specifics matter here, we started dating around last Thanksgiving, but it was only about a month later when we said were in an official relationship. I really liked this girl from the get-go and we’ve gotten very close since then, and were actually planning of moving together soon.

Here’s a problem, recently Jess and I ran into a guy at a small get-together with mutual friends. They exchanged a weird look like there was something between them but I didn’t think too much of it at the time. During the party something came up about the place Jess went to for a date (the time was clear since it was a Christmas market in my town) and again I thought something was off about the guy. Well later that night I actually get a text from him (he got my number from one of the mutual friends), but said “hey I don’t know you but I thought you should know that Jess and I hooked up right after Christmas.”

I confronted Jess about this and I could tell she tensed up right away. She got this sad look on her face, but confessed right away. She said she had met this guy on Tinder and hooked up a couple of times but stopped any contact before we became official. She said she wasn’t sure we would get into a relationship at that time but she still felt bad that I found out this way. She said she considered telling me but was afraid it would ruin things between us.