He Found His Girlfriend’s Spreadsheet Tracking Their Entire Relationship. Should He Dump Her?

While I have never tracked a relationship on a spreadsheet, I do track everything from sleep quality to calories eaten to work-outs to overall mood on a spreadsheet daily. I’ve done this on and off now for 5 years working under the theory that Peter Drucker was correct when he said, “What gets measured, gets managed.” Just in case you are wondering, it does generally help, but I recognize that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Take for example, this guy

This happened last night and I have no clue how to feel about this.

I’ve been dating Amy for 8 months. It is the most intensely passionate and compatible relationship I’ve ever been in. I knew from day 1 that this girl was special. We’ve had very few issues since the start.

We’re both “young professionals” with well paying jobs in the finance world (separate companies/positions). Her position is more analytical so she’s very familiar with spreadsheets and uses them for her daily life as well (budgets, meal plans etc).