He Caught His Girlfriend Stealing His Sperm From His Condom. Now What?

Via Reddit,

  1. As men’s rights lawyer RK Hendrick likes to say, “If it’s your DNA, you will pay.”
  2. See #1.

This is why the NBA tells players to take their used condoms home because there are women who will use them to impregnate themselves and then the player is on the hook for that kid.

Is that what would happen if his girlfriend got pregnant? Yes, absolutely. In fact, just about the only way I could see him having an outside chance of steering clear of it would be in the unlikely event that she later admitted it to a judge or alternatively, if he called the police immediately. I doubt the police would charge her with anything, but at least he’d have something on the record if it ends up in front of a judge. In that case, chances are he’d still get boned, but maybe he could play for full custody on the basis that a woman like that has no business raising a child. He’d probably still lose since family courts are heavily stacked against men, but it gives him a small chance of coming out on top.

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All in all, it’s an ugly situation, which is why as a man, you don’t leave your condom somewhere a woman can impregnate herself with it. Flush it or take it. Always.

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