Good News! Effeminate Movie Star Jonah Hill Is Here to Challenge Your Masculinity

Why is it always the guys that no one thinks of as masculine who want to rewrite masculinity?

Jonah Hill is not the same person he is at 35 years old as he was when he was 24 years old when Superbad was released back in 2007. That is great; that means he is maturing and progressing as a human being. But Jonah Hill wants you to know that he is no longer the “bro comedy guy” from the movies he has starred in previously.

….While promoting Mid90s to an audience in Berlin, Jonah was asked about his role as Seth in Superbad. Hill said how his earlier movies featured “traditional masculinity” that was problematic and he wants to change the perception of masculinity and hopes that his fans come along on his journey.

Yes, Jonah Hill talked about sex and his penis extensively in Superbad, but it wasn’t “traditional masculinity.” He played a big talking dork in that movie, not John frickin Wayne.

Also, to answer the question I posed at the start of the article? Why is it always the wimpy dudes who want to rewrite masculinity? It’s the same reason so many unattractive women become feminists. There is a social order to the world, one that has been around a long time and they are losers in it. Jonah Hill may be rich, famous, talented and a celebrity, but it seems unlikely he’ll ever be thought of a shining example of manhood. Some human beings can’t handle that and they feel compelled to do something about it. In that situation, some give up; others double down and work even harder to make up for their deficiencies while the third group tries to change the world. If the rules of the game aren’t good for them, then they’ll try to change how everyone plays the game to ensure that they do better. That group isn’t going to give up and rest and those that believe in the same traditional masculinity that built the world can’t give up on promoting it either.

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