Feminists Furious as Conservative Woman Writes: Staying Fit For Your Husband is One of the Best Gifts You Can Give Him

It’s not hard to make liberal feminists angry. Yet the amount of outrage generated by an op-ed written by one conservative women on how to make men happy is surprising, even for the easily-offended liberals.

Writing for “The Federalist,” Inez Feltscher argues that one of the best gifts a wife can give her husband is staying fit for him. “The unspeakable truth is this: a spouse’s physical appearance is much more likely to be important to men than women,” she wrote. “Maintaining their figures and beauty — through reasonable efforts — is one important way that women can make their husbands happy.”

She continued to say that men are more visual than women are, which would mean that men care more about their wife’s appearance than wives do about their husband’s. “Women are no less shallow than men when it comes to sheer attraction, but they are different,” Feltscher said. “Women tend to be turned on by men who display social dominance, power, or the ability to provide more than by hunky looks. The de-emphasis that women place on physical appearance sometimes leads us to project our own attraction patterns onto our spouses: sure, it’s easy for us to imagine still loving our husbands plus 50 pounds, but how easy is it for us to feel as gung-ho about, say, their extended unemployment?”

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, people took incredible offense to this argument.