Feminist: We Can’t Have a Feminist Future Without Getting Rid of the Family

Feminism is poison injected directly into the brain of everyone that foolishly buys into it. If it gets deeply rooted enough, you start spouting insanity like this:

A little more than two weeks before I planned to meet the feminist theorist Sophie Lewis, her mother died….Earlier that month, at a lecture in Lower Manhattan hosted by the arts journal e-flux, Lewis, who is 31, reflected on what some might see as an obvious irony to her crisscrossing the ocean to care for her ailing mother: Verso Books had just published her first book, Full Surrogacy Now, a polemic that calls for abolishing the family.

…When Lewis demands “full surrogacy now,” she isn’t talking about commercial surrogacy, or ”Surrogacy™,” as she puts it. Instead, she uses the surrogacy industry to build the argument that all gestation is work because of the immense physical and emotional labor it requires of those who do it. She often refers to pregnancy as an “extreme sport.”

…She imagines a future where the labor of making new human beings is shared among all of us, “mother” no longer being a natural category, but instead something we can choose.