Feminist OUTRAGED About the ‘My Girlfriend Isn’t Hungry’ Menu Trend

One of the intriguing features of 2019 is finding out that someone is outraged by something and then trying to guess why before reading their tortured explanation. For example, you could have done that when Nike CEO (He might as well be, right?) Colin Kaepernick vetoed Betsy Ross sneakers with her original American flag on them because they were racist or mean or something. Who really knows at this point?

However, the ‘My Girlfriend Isn’t Hungry’ Menu Trend is fairly obscure to begin with. In fact, the first time I had even heard of it was when I put this up on the Brass Pills Facebook page a few days ago.

It’s a cute idea though, right? Because this is a real thing. You have women who are either desperately trying to stay thin or at least trying to give you that impression, not ordering any food. You then order the amount of food you actually want and then she starts going to town on your dish and it’s like, “Why didn’t you order anything?”