Fear of Men: Mental Illness Masquerading as Feminism

Look at the number of likes on this ridiculous Twitter thread,

It’s not normal to feel unholy terror because a man talks to you in the supermarket. It’s not normal to fear being raped and kidnapped by a guy asking you out in a bar or saying, “hello” in a bookstore.

If you feel this way, it’s not men that have a problem, it’s YOU that has a problem you need to talk about with a psychologist. Your abnormal terror caused by a bad experience with a man, feminism, scary stories on the news, whatever is not the fault of men, nor is it their responsibility to fix YOUR PROBLEM.

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Moreover, ultimately the people hurt by this bizarre reaction to men isn’t the men, it’s the woman who feels this way. She’s the one who’s losing out on potentially meeting a guy. She’s the one living in fear for no good reason. She’s the troubled one. I hope she gets some help.

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John Hawkins
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