Family Demands Officer Be Prosecuted For Killing Their Schizophrenic Son Who Knocked Him Unconscious

Imagine that you are an off duty police officer holding your 18-month-old son and minding your own business at Costco when out of nowhere, someone blindsides you for no reason and knocks you unconscious.

You come to with a concussion, the guy is still there and you quite correctly conclude through the fog that you and your son are still in grave danger. Then, you’re the bad guy because you put bullets in this threat to your life and the life of your child?

Sorry, but you play on the freeway and you might get hit by a car and if you knock a stranger unconscious in a Costco for no reason, it might cost you your life.

The family of schizophrenic Kenneth French, shot and killed by off-duty patrol officer Salvador Sanchez during an argument at Costco, called for Sanchez to be prosecuted Monday.

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…Lawyers for Sanchez have maintained the patrolman was holding his 18-month-old son, waiting for a food sample of chicken teriyaki at the meat counter, when an unprovoked French knocked Sanchez temporarily unconscious.

Witnesses claim when Sanchez came to he got up from the floor and fired up to eight times at French with a handgun.

But Sanchez, who had also been with his wife Rosemary Quintero at the store, told his lawyers he only opened fire because Kenneth was continuing to attack him and he feared for his life and his son’s.

…French family attorney Dale Galipo conceded at the press conference Kenneth likely shoved Sanchez but said Kenneth then immediately moved away from him.

He wants Sanchez, who is on paid administrative leave, to face murder or manslaughter charges.

Russell and Paola ‘both suffered gunshot wounds to the back when Officer Sanchez opened fire, they were not facing in Officer Sanchez’s direction at the time they were shot,’ said Galipo.

…’Mr French chose to assault my client. He hit him so hard from the back that my client temporarily lost consciousness and suffered a concussion that is documented in medical records.

‘My client reasonably and honestly believed Mr French was a deadly threat to his son and himself and he had no other option but to employ his LAPD training and he discharged his firearm, aiming it at Mr French.’

Galipo told reporters he is urging a Riverside County judge to reverse an order that keeps the CCTV footage sealed for one year because of the investigation. Prosecutors are still deciding whether to file criminal charges.

…Kevin French, Kenneth’s younger brother, said at the press conference that he found out about the shooting a day later.

‘It could happen to anyone,’ he said.

Actually no, it couldn’t just “happen to anyone” because “anyone” wouldn’t be violently assaulting random strangers in a Costco. The son is not the victim, the son is the bad guy. “Oh, but he’s crazy, so it’s not his fault.” Wrong. Men have not just a right, but A DUTY to defend themselves and their families from violent attackers and it’s kind of hard to beat a man down with your hands when you are holding a small baby.

I’m with the cop 110% and as for the parents, I can understand their grief, but when they try to ruin a man’s life because their son attacked him, they’re in the wrong.

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