Explaining Why Frame is So Important for Men

So, who’s worth more in a relationship, a man or a woman? Who is chasing whom? Who’s the one that is more willing to walk away? Who is the one it’s more important to keep happy?

The answer to that is whoever sets the “frame.”

It can be a little hard to explain “frame,” but think of it as an attitude, a way of being and a way of defining how people interact.

Many people haven’t quite realized it, but the way they behave changes quite a bit based on the situation they’re in. Think about how you behave when you go to church, talk to a police officer, talk to your parents, get drunk and sing Karaoke, are drinking with your friends at a strip club, talking to a depressed friend, are about to get in a fistfight or are alone with your girl and trying to turn her on.