Dying Alone to Spite the Patriarchy

Over at the Guardian, there’s an article called, “‘You don’t have to settle’: the joy of living (and dying) alone.” While studies generally seem to show that people are HAPPIER married than single and unquestionably, the family courts are written in a way that heavily favor women if they do choose to get divorced, it’s hard to disagree with the idea that it’s better to remain solo than marry the wrong person.

Maybe 75 years ago, women needed the extra income and men needed someone to help with the cooking and housework, but in the age of working women, microwaves and washing machines, neither men nor women need each other in the same way that they used to back in the day.

Of course, there is one exception to that — kids. By almost every statistical measure available, two parents do a better job of raising a child than a single parent. That’s not to say one parent can’t do a decent job of raising a kid, but the odds of every bad thing imaginable happening to your kid goes through the roof if you do it solo.

In any case, the article is noteworthy because it basically presents living alone as a way to spite the patriarchy, which is a STRANGE take on it.