Dozens of Women Pledge Their Love to Murderer Who Killed His Entire Family

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No one tell the incels or we may have a bloodbath on our hands. Of course, I guess if you end up in prison, you can’t enjoy the fruits of your evil labor so maybe we have nothing to worry about.

In just a few weeks in prison, Chris Watts received close to 60 letters from complete strangers that expressed both love and hatred for the murderer.

A majority of the letters were from women, and many of these included photos that the sender purported to be of them as well as promises to send more images or add money to Watts’ commissary account.

…It does not appear that Watts wrote back to any of the women based on follow-up notes from a few of the senders, who often included more photos and expressed their love for the felon and belief that he was innocent of all crimes.

Incidentally, just in case you’re not familiar with what Chris Watts did, it was horrific.

Watts was sentenced last month to life in prison without parole for each of the three August murders he ultimately confessed to: his wife Shanann, 34, and daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste 3. He was also given 48 years for the life of the unborn child that Shanann was 15 weeks pregnant with. After strangling Shanann and smothering his daughters, he dumped them at an oil field owned by his employer. The nation was gripped with the case, not just because of how heinous it was but because of Watts’ glaring lies and his initial attempts to portray himself as a worried husband and father, concerned about his ‘missing’ family.

So why are women writing this guy? It’s actually a common thing. Even Charles Manson managed to get himself a pretty little wife, although her motives were even more suspect than those of most women in her shoes.

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How is this possible? Well, you’re undoubtedly talking about damaged women because no woman who understands her options is opting for a man in jail. But, think of the triggers a guy like Chris Watts could trip for certain women. Getting him would mean she has a famous man. Her nurturing side can fully kick in as she tells herself she’s the only one who understands him. She has tremendous control over the relationship because she’s outside and he’s in jail. She also gets to be “in a relationship” without the dirty underwear on the floor and arguments over who’s picking up the kid. In other words, it’s a “relationship” that doesn’t require her to put up with the messy realities of real relationships. Would all of these things be enough to get a normal woman to chase a killer? No, which takes us back to the “damaged” side of the equation.

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So, what’s the moral of the story? Well, it’s either “We live in a sick culture” or “How do you not have a girlfriend, bro? Even dudes murdering their kids are drowning in women.” I think I’m going to go with #1. We live in a sick culture.

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