Don’t Give Up Your Dignity to be a Dancing Monkey for the World

Because of social media and the proliferation of news sources, it has become increasingly difficult for people in the media to be noticed. That would be a very niche problem except that because of social media, everybody is a brand to a certain extent. They want those likes, shares, and eyeballs on them.

There was a time when just ordinary news would do this. Here’s a nice picture. Oh, I got a promotion today! Sang in the church choir today. However, because we have been so bombarded by all these things, it takes more and more to get attention today.

Just to give you an example of what I mean, I want to give you a PARTIAL LIST of headlines just from today’s Daily Mail.

Coco Austin leaves little to the imagination in completely SHEER gown as Ice-T looks cool in Versace bomber jacket at MTV VMAs