Don’t Give Up Your Dignity to be a Dancing Monkey for the World

Because of social media and the proliferation of news sources, it has become increasingly difficult for people in the media to be noticed. That would be a very niche problem except that because of social media, everybody is a brand to a certain extent. They want those likes, shares, and eyeballs on them.

There was a time when just ordinary news would do this. Here’s a nice picture. Oh, I got a promotion today! Sang in the church choir today. However, because we have been so bombarded by all these things, it takes more and more to get attention today.

Just to give you an example of what I mean, I want to give you a PARTIAL LIST of headlines just from today’s Daily Mail.

Coco Austin leaves little to the imagination in completely SHEER gown as Ice-T looks cool in Versace bomber jacket at MTV VMAs

Trending: He Watched 9 Guys Run a Train On Her & Then Later Married Her

2019 MTV Video Music Awards: Miley Cyrus unveils new tattoo while performing break-up track Slide Away after Liam Hemsworth split… as she narrowly avoids a wardrobe malfunction by flashing sideboob in her tiny cut-out dress

Rita Ora leaves little to imagination as she goes braless in a sheer polka dot co-ord and shows off her twerking skills at the Notting Hill Carnival

Dave Chappelle calls Michael Jackson’s accusers ‘liars’ in Netflix special, insisting his child victims were lucky to be molested by the ‘King of Pop’

Lady Gaga, is that you? Ava Max turns heads as she channels pop sensation in superwoman ensemble at the VMAs

Halsey debuts rainbow hair while flaunting impressive figure in two edgy outfits at MTV Video Music Awards

Bebe Rexha puts on a cheeky display as she celebrates MTV VMAs win in a VERY racy dress after being told she’s ‘too old’ to be sexy by music executive

Cardi B says she was ‘nervous’ to give Jennifer Lopez a lap dance while filming for Hustlers in an R-rated interview

Ohio man who claimed he found an injured dog with a slit throat and duct-taped mouth was in fact the pet’s OWNER – and he lied about finding it on the road to get free vet care

Woman, 23, falls 80 FEET after trying an extreme yoga pose over the edge of her balcony in Mexico – but somehow SURVIVES

‘Bagel Boss’ guy reveals he is FREE in foul-mouthed Twitter video just hours after he was arrested and claims the confrontation with cops escalated because they mocked his height

School resource officer is fired after filming a nude video of herself for her husband inside an elementary school bathroom during her shift, leaving her gun and pepper spray on the floor

Creepy moment a man dressed as Pennywise the clown walks through a New York subway train with the signature balloon and chats to commuters

Filet-O-Fists: Moment a female McDonald’s customer goes on the rampage ‘after being denied a McFlurry’, hitting the cashier and throwing equipment at kitchen staff – who hurl it back at her

Shocking moment fists and drinks fly as fight breaks out in the stands of Rams-Broncos preseason game and a woman holding a baby eggs on brawlers

Eggs-acting his revenge! Motorcyclist customises his bike with racks of eggs and tomatoes to throw at cars that pull out in front of him

The thing about being outrageous is that it doesn’t take brains or talent to do it. Any jackass can pull it off. But, what happens when people start to think being a jackass is a GOOD thing because of the attention, the likes & the chatter? This is where we’re at as a society and yes, I will admit, it draws the eye.

But, even though you might want to look at stories like this, do you respect people like this more or less? Do you want your kids to behave like that? Do you think it would be a better world if we had fewer women dressing like prostitutes trying to attract customers and fewer men behaving like complete assholes?

If talent, skill and being genuinely noteworthy is healthy food, this stuff is fried Twinkies and M&Ms. I 100% get why people want to say and do the most outrageous thing these days, but is it worth giving up your dignity to be a dancing monkey for people that don’t care about you? I’d say “no.” It would be a better society if more people felt the same way.

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John Hawkins
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